Design Your Revenue Opportunities

YAWSA’s Search Banners allow you to monetize your audience by targeting them with the exact ads that most interest them, based on the content of each page. Search banners unite graphic images with keywords you select, adding visual interest to your pages while increasing your revenue.

With Search Banners, you determine the keywords that will earn you money. For example, if a page features vacations, your keywords for the page may be cruises, resorts, tourism, and travel. When a keyword is clicked, our search engine technology automatically connects visitors to a results page providing related advertisements. Simply select the keywords and the banner shape you want, and then our Search Banner technology generates your revenue effortlessly.

Our administrative system reports real-time revenue activity for each search link you select. Therefore, you can test which links on each page generate the most income and vary the links accordingly.

By creating an atmosphere of voluntary review of advertising, you will gain loyal and appreciative visitors who see your Search Banners as adding value to the content you already provide – as their clicks add to your bottom line.