Integrated Advertising Solutions for the Next Generation

YAWSA provides a full suite of Internet marketing tools, creating a dynamic synergy between advertisers and publishers resulting in mutual revenue enhancement.

Our corporate philosophy is to create a win-win-win paradigm in which all parties are profitable and happy. Our online advertising partners provide brand recognition and integrity, while our publishers leverage their
premium content to provide qualified sales leads.

Our three years of painstaking R&D has lead to a range of web marketing tools that increase publisher revenue and advertising campaign effectiveness, while directly fulfilling the wantsand needs of site visitors.

The breadth of YAWSA’s technology allows us to provide you with a customizable, integrated, full-service solution. Thus, creating a patchwork system with multiple vendors is a thing of the past.

YAWSA’s service is already available in 12 languages and in more than 20 countries, with more to come.

Global Advertising Solutions