Technology Directly Benefiting Our Customers

YAWSA’s technology creates a fully integrated, ready-made Internet advertising solution, allowing publishers to increase their income and advertisers to reach high-value consumers – quickly, easily, and at the highest ROI.

Our advanced algorithms analyze both site and advertiser content to enhance contextual matching. At the same time , they review visitor, site, and advertiser location data to ensure geotargeting of every advertisement.

We use AJAX technology; one of its many benefits is to enhance and speed connections among servers, allowing faster analysis and quicker delivery of advertising content. All YAWSA solutions are completely server-based; our tools generate no spyware.

YAWSA focuses on building and enhancing customer relationships, both with our own customers and yours. Therefore, we provide real-time statistical data, allowing advertisers to analyze campaign effectiveness and publishers to see exact revenue levels and sources.

Our software includes full back-office functionality, such as invoicing. You can always rely on our 24-hour, full-service technical support to answer any questions or address any concerns.